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How Can You Really Save Money On Your Utility Bills? 

If you start to save energy at home, your son, daughter, husband, grandmother, grandfather, or grandsons sooner or later will follow you and begin to do the same. And then your family will be recognized as one of the cheapest family in town. “Cheapest” in here means you have saved a lot of money on utility bills and at the same time, your family is helping to save the world.

There Is No Excuse Not To Save Energy Or Utility bills. 

First of all, set a goal on how much you want to save your utility bills. You may start from small, let’s say 10% from the first month, then try to make it to 20%, 30% 40% and then 50%. To save up to 50% is always possible.

Turn Off The Water Heater When It Is Not In Use. 

Try this method, turn off the water after you shower. And turn on again before you want to shower. It won’t take too long to heat the water after you turn on the heater. It will only take less than five minutes. While waiting, you can do some simple work-out or brush your teeth if you need to do so.

Turn Off The Lights When You Are Not In The Room. 

When you are not in the room, regardless of a bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or storeroom or any room that installed with lights, why not turn it off? It will take only one to two seconds to turn off the lights.

In case you tend to forget to do so. Put a note near to switch “Switch me off before you leave, darling.” After a few times, you have that habit of turning off your light after you leave the room that you don’t intend to be there. Your hand will automatically push the switch button. Give a try if you don’t believe me.

Invest In technology. 

Today high technology not only allows you to consume more energy, but it also can help you to save energy. You can install an app from your mobile that will enable you to turn off any things that you don’t use when you leave your house. If not, you will need to unplug any appliances that you don’t use manually.

Adjust Your Air-conditioning Units Or Use Power-saving Equipment. 

Power-saving devices also can be pre-set by apps. Or use external power saving equipment. For example: Try Heunwa Power Save, 90V-250V 30KW Electricity Saving Box, Energy Saver Saving Device for Household Office Market Factory(US Plug).

Wash Your Clothes In A Big Load When Using The Washing Machine. 

Some may like to wash their clothes every alternate day. Or whenever they want. Try to clean only the weekend or twice a week. Wash in a big load. It means you will use the washing machine lesser than you always did.

It also means that you use less electricity on the washing machine. At the same time, you also save a lot of water. However, this method may not work if you have a big family at home. Unless you invest a bigger washing machine 🙂

Switch To LED Lights.

If you decide to invest in LED lights, in the beginning, you may find it expensive to do that. However, in the long run, when you start to save a lot of money for your utility bills. You will thank yourself for making such a brilliant decision. This idea works well and benefits you a lot if you have a big house.

Use Fans To Keep The Place Cool. 

If you have a fan at home, turn it on to keep your house and all other electric equipment to lower down its temperature. If you don’t have a fan, invest in one or two, the fan is cheaps now a day.

Monitor Your Utility Bills Online. 

Since we all want and need to save a lot of energy to save our money and to make the world greener, it is also a great idea to monitor the usage of our utility on a daily or weekly basis. If we see our usage start to high before the end of the month, then we can start to save even more before the number of utility bills shoots up to the sky.

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