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Water Is Life

For many of us, maybe we still able to get access to clean water, and it’s a blessed for us. Even we keep receiving a steady supply of fresh water, and we should not take for granted. We need to pay serious attention when starting to use water and should avoid wasting it.

According to a report from The Environment Protection Agency (EPA), an average American family use nearly 400 gallons of water each day.

According to statistic report, close to 700 million people in the world facing water shortage problem, Study also estimated that by 2025, around 1.8 billion people or two-thirds of the world’s population could be stress due to the clean water shortage issue.

Lifestyle 2020
Lifestyle 2020

1. Tap Mixer.

When we are not using water from the tap mixer, we should not let it keep running, and we need to turn it off and turn on again whenever we need to use it. It is a kind of habit that we can start to help save water.

This habit can help to save a few hundreds of gallons every month. Off the water, while brushing our teeth, wash our hands or face, even when we clean our dishes.

When the water tap has a leakage problem, quicky fix it or close the main stop valve while waiting for the plumber to arrive.

Lifestyle 2020
Rain Water

2. Collect Rain Water.

How about collecting some rainwater during the rainy season?

That rainwater can use to water our garden, clean our bicycles, or even clean our floor outside our home? Or use the rain to clean our toilet in our house? It’s a great idea.

Lifestyle 2020
Shower Time

3. Shorten Shower Time or Shower Together

If you are staying alone, and when the weather is not so hot, maybe it is a good idea to shorten your shower time, every day a little saving of water from the shower can mean a lot in the long term.

If you are living with your lover or partner, if both of you can shower together, this idea not only can help to save a lot of water but also help to strengthen the couple relationship. Shower together can be fun too.

Lifestyle 2020
Wall Hung Toilet

4. Use Water Saving Toilet

If your toilet already installed with a dual flush flushing system, and you always press the small flash button when urine and only flush the big button for BIG sit-in business, you help the world save a lot of water and save a lot of water bill as well.

If your toilet at home only has one single flushing button, first, find out how much little per-flush? Is it 12 liters, nine litters of 6 litters? The best choice of dual flush flushing system is six litters for big flush, three litters for a small flush.

Consult your plumber and start to change to a low flushing system. Considering changing floor mount toilet wall-hung toilet is also another great idea.

Wall hung can achieve better flushing efficiency due to the height and also play self-clean function for hygiene purposes. Wall hung toilet also allows easy to clean the floor.

Lifestyle 2020

5. Don’t Run The Water Hose When Washing Car

Washing a car with running water with a water hose and high water pressure could consume a lot of water.

Instead, to save water when doing carwash, prepare water in a basket and clean with a cloth will be one of the solutions.

Another solution is using a car cleaning solution that not require much water to do carwash.

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